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Ongoing Research

  • Smart Microtransit: Truthful Auction Design for Optimal Bus Assignment to Sparse Demand

Collaborators: Pooria Choobchian, Bo Zou, Abolfazl (Kouros) Mohammadian

Recent Research Projects

  • Analyzing Retrospective and Futuristic Scenarios of Highway Expansion and Tolling Using SimMobility and Operational Tri-POP

Collaborators: Kentaro Mori, Kexin (Sally) Chen, Ravi Seshadri, Moshe Ben-Akiva

Sponsor: Cintra-Ferrovial, Madrid, Spain.

Research context: The Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area

  • A multi-day Needs-based Approach to Travel Demand and the Impact of Autonomous Vehicles on Mode Choice

Collaborators: Kexin (Sally) Chen, Jingping (Jenna) Guan, Varun Pattabhiraman, Ravi Seshadri, Moshe Ben-Akiva

Sponsor: Shenzhen Urban Transport Planning and Design Research Center, Shenzhen, China.

Research context: China – nation-wide

  • Behavioral Response to Mobility-as-a- Service Across Different Types of Cities

Collaborators: Emma Desoto, Jingping (Jenna) Guan, Ravi Seshadri, Carlos M. Lima Azevedo, Moshe Ben-Akiva

Sponsor: Ford, U.S.

Research context: Three North American Prototypical cities of Auto Innovative, Auto Sprawl, and Mass-transit Heavy Weight (see Oke et al. (2019) for a list of all prototypical classes.)

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