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Postdoctoral Research Associate
Postdoctoral Research Associate


The Urban Ecosystems (UE) Lab, in collaboration with the Center for Applied Transportation Sciences (CATS), seeks to hire a Postdoctoral Research Associate who is ambitious about original, applied research on leveraging various data sources towards efficient management of multimodal transportation demand and supply. This is a full-time, benefits-eligible research-focused position. The ideal applicant would be capable of writing grant proposals and conducting/leading original research.

The outstanding benefits offered by the University of Arizona include health, dental, and vision insurance plans; life insurance and disability programs; paid vacation, sick leave, and holidays; UA/ASU/NAU tuition reduction for the employee and qualified family members; state and optional retirement plans; access to UA recreation and cultural activities; and more!


The University of Arizona has been recognized for its innovative work-life programs. For more information about working at the University of Arizona and relocation services, please click here.


  • Conduct research, perform experiments, and analyze data with graduate and undergraduate students.

  • Mentor graduate and undergraduate research assistants.

  • Prepare, coordinate, and submit grant proposals/scope of work to acquire research funding.

  • Write project reports and peer-reviewed journal articles.

  • Conduct outreach activities including, but not limited to, presenting research outcomes at local and national conferences.



  • PhD degree in Transportation Engineering or a relevant field.

  • Knowledge of the state of the art in Artificial Intelligence and Econometrics.

  • Ability to work efficiently individually and in collaborative settings

  • Ability to present research at national and international conferences.

  • Skill in leading research activities amongst groups of people.

  • Experience in presenting research at national and international conferences

  • Experience in leading research activities amongst groups of people

  • Experience in leading university-sponsor relationships

  • Experience with writing grant proposals and conducting/leading original research

How to Apply:

Please refer to the UA's position posting at:

Feel free to share this opportunity with anyone interested,

or contact me directly if you have any questions.

Research Assistants to pursue a Ph.D. degree!


If you're passionate about cutting-edge research and innovation at the intersection of transportation engineering, behavioral sciences, computer simulations, artificial intelligence, and urban planning and policy, this could be a perfect opportunityThe selected candidates will have the opportunity to contribute to groundbreaking research that drives real-world impacts on creating better, smarter future cities in one or more of the following areas:

  1. Full-scale Agent- and Activity-based Simulation: Contribute to developing a uniquely realistic simulation platform that models complex interactions between various elements of an Urban Ecosystem (humans, man-made, and natural) and their state dynamics in different time scales, ranging from pre-day planning to within-day actions.

  2. AI-based Innovative Smart Mobility Solutions: Be at the forefront of design and simulation-based evaluation of novel AI-driven solutions that revolutionize Urban Ecosystems, making them more efficient and sustainable.

  3. Behavioral Analysis and Modeling: Explore diverse behavioral data sources to generate insights into people's behavior in various contexts and its sensitivity to different policies.

The selected candidates will be able to thrive in a dynamic network of researchers from various disciplines in esteemed academic institutions and gain valuable skills and knowledge that will set them on a path to becoming a leader in the field.

Both selected candidates will receive a full-time research assistantship support package, which includes a tuition waiver and the University of Arizona's Graduate Assistant benefits listed here.


I seek critical thinkers passionate about pushing boundaries and contributing to cross-disciplinary research. The ability to work efficiently individually and in collaborative settings is strongly preferred.

In addition,

  • A solid academic background in one or more of the following disciplines, or any other related disciplines, is required: Transportation Engineering, Urban planning, Econometrics, Computer Science, and Social Science.

  • A master's degree (or equivalent) in one of the above disciplines is preferred but not required.

  • Proficiency in Object-oriented programming in C++ and Python is preferred but not required.

  • Back-end software development experience is preferred but not required.

Minimum application requirements set forth by the University of Arizona's Graduate College and the Department of Civil & Architectural Engineering & Mechanics can be found here and here.

How to Apply:

If you are excited about joining my research team and conducting original research with real-world impacts, please start your application by sending your CV, unofficial transcripts, a brief statement on your research interests and their alignment with mine (no more than a single page), and names of two references to Please use the subject line "[Your Full Name] - Ph.D. Research Assistant Application."

Feel free to share this opportunity with anyone interested,

or contact me directly if you have any questions.

Research Assistants to pursue a Ph.D. degree
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