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  1. Shamshiripour, A., Rahimi, E., Shabanpour, R. and Mohammadian, A.K., 2020. “Dynamics of travelers’ modality style in the presence of mobility-on-demand services.” Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies, 117, p.102668.

  2. Shamshiripour, A., Golshani, N., Shabanpour, R. and Mohammadian, A. K., 2019. “Week-long mode choice behavior: dynamic random effects logit model.” Transportation research record, 2673(10), pp.736-744.

  3. Shamshiripour, A., Rahimi, E., Shabanpour, R. and Mohammadian, A.K., 2020. “How is COVID-19 reshaping activity-travel behavior? Evidence from a comprehensive survey in Chicago.” Transportation Research Interdisciplinary Perspectives, 7, p.100216.

Selected Presentations

  1. Shamshiripour, A., Rahimi, E., Shabanpour, R., Golshani, N., Mohammadian, A. K., 2021. “The Effect of Productivity of Telecommuting During the COVID-19 Pandemic on Workers’ Post-pandemic Intentions to Telecommute”, Transportation Research Board 100th Annual Meeting. Washington D.C.

  2. Rahimi, E., Shekari, E., Shamshiripour, A., Javadinasr, M. J., Mohammadian, A. K., 2022. “Analyzing the Usage Frequency of Shared Electric Scooters During the COVID-19 Pandemic”, Transportation Research Board 101st Annual Meeting. Washington D.C.

Recent Research Projects

  • A multi-day Needs-based Approach to Travel Demand and the Impact of Autonomous Vehicles on Mode Choice

Collaborators: Kexin (Sally) Chen, Jingping (Jenna) Guan, Varun Pattabhiraman, Ravi Seshadri, Moshe Ben-Akiva

Sponsor: Shenzhen Urban Transport Planning and Design Research Center, Shenzhen, China.

Research context: China – nation-wide

  • Behavioral Response to Mobility-as-a- Service Across Different Types of Cities

Collaborators: Emma Desoto, Jingping (Jenna) Guan, Ravi Seshadri, Carlos M. Lima Azevedo, Moshe Ben-Akiva

Sponsor: Ford, U.S.

Research context: Three North American Prototypical cities of: Auto Innovative, Auto Sprawl, and Mass-transit Heavy Weight (see Oke et al. (2019) for a list of all prototypical classes.)

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