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Ali Shamshiripour

Assistant Professor, Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering and Mechanics

Assistant Director, Center for Applied Transportation Sciences (CATS)

Research Interests:
  • Smart Mobility

  • Human-centric Smart Cities

    Activity - Travel Behavior Analysis and Analysis

    Large-scale, Agent-based Simulation of Urban Ecosystems

Welcome to my e-portfolio!

In short,

I am determined to help make future cities better places to live and work, including fostering sustainability, equity, welfare, well-being, etc.


To this end, I combine the following approaches:

  1. Study and model how people behave in various situations;

  2. Design innovative transportation solutions; and

  3. Develop high-fidelity, agent-based simulations of within-day to long-term urban dynamics to reliably evaluate the range of possible impacts of various interventions (new policies, technologies, etc.).

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Latest News

August 14, 2023

Today marks a significant chapter in my career! I joined the Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering and Mechanics at the University of Arizona (UA) as an Assistant Professor. I also joined the UA's Center for Applied Transportation Sciences (CATS) as an Assistant Director.

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