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Established: August 2023

The Urban Ecosystems Lab (UE Lab) strives to research pathways to synergistically foster environmental sustainability, economic prosperity, etc., in future cities. The UE Lab recognizes that a synergistic realization of these potentials lies in cross-cutting collaborations across various disciplines, including, but not limited to, civil engineering, environmental engineering, electrical engineering, computer science, and urban planning and policy. Therefore, the Lab is keen to collaborate with peer research groups of scholars from other disciplines.

The UE Lab also recognizes its members and sponsors as its most important assets and strives to empower them in pursuing their objectives. The UE Lab is dedicated to building a growing family that (a) helps each other grow and (b) pulls their resources to achieve their common goal, i.e., building a better future for everyone.

Founding Director

Ali Shamshiripour, Ph.D.

Founding Director of the Urban Ecosystems (UE) Lab

Assistant Director of the Center for Applied Transportation Sciences (CATS)

Assistant Professor, Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering and Mechanics

Social Media
Fri., June 20
The Academy, L.A
Thu., June 19
Bamboo, Santa Barbara
Sat., June 28
Cheers, Santa Cruz
Wed., July 6
The Roxy, San Francisco

+1 (520) 621-2325

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Research Assistants

Yeji Jeon *

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Joined the UE Lab in Spring 2024 

  • Data Collection

  • Research Assistance

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* Co-advised With Dr. Yao-Jan Wu 

  Also a member of the STL Lab 

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