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  1. Rahimi, E., Shamshiripour, A., Samimi, A. and Mohammadian, A.K., 2020. “Investigating the injury severity of single-vehicle truck crashes in a developing country.” Accident Analysis & Prevention, 137, p.105444.

  2. Ermagun, A., Shamshiripour, A. and Stathopoulos, A., 2020. “Performance analysis of crowd-shipping in urban and suburban areas.” Transportation, 47(4), pp.1955-1985.

Selected Presentations

  1. Jung, P., Sakai, T., Shamshiripour, A., Seshadri, R., Alho, A. R., Lentzakis, A. F., Ben-Akiva, M., 2023. “Design and Evaluation of Future Urban Congestion Pricing Schemes with Agent-based Microsimulation”, Transportation Research Board 102nd Annual Meeting. Washington D.C.

  2. Rahimi, E., Shamshiripour, A., Samimi, A., Mohammadian, A. K., 2021. “Analyzing the Severity of Truck Crashes Using a Random-Thresholds Random-Parameters Hierarchical Ordered Probit Approach”, Transportation Research Board 100th Annual Meeting. Washington D.C.

Recent Research Projects

  • Analyzing Retrospective and Futuristic Scenarios of Highway Expansion and Tolling Using SimMobility and Operational Tri-POP

Collaborators: Kentaro Mori, Kexin (Sally) Chen, Ravi Seshadri, Moshe Ben-Akiva

Sponsor: Cintra-Ferrovial, Madrid, Spain.

Research context: The Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area

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